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1- Identify a good place to get YOUR pedicure; it has to have a comfortable chair.  Slave must place all the ingredients and tools next to him and he need to place one of the towels on the floor
2- he supose to mix 5 tablespoons of oil, essential oil or lemon juice and sugar and
3- prepare the foot bath with warm water, 4 tablespoons of oil.  Place on the towel (the one he have put on the floor)
4- Wet the 2 small towels and put in the microwave so they get hot, then place them in a plastic bag for future use.
5- Pedicure time. Eliminate any nail polish Mistress may have
4- Cut HER nails and file them to HER desire shape
5- Put Mistress’s feet into the water and let them be there for 10  minutes
6- Now push cuticles with the orange stick
7-  Apply the scrub on feet.  Make sure every area is treated.   
Wash it out with the foot bath water, dry the feet and move the foot bath to the side.
9- Gently apply some oil or cream to the nail and massage the cuticles
10-   Wrap the towel around HER feet and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes or until they are not warm any more.
11- Get feet file and pass it on the rough areas.  If you are not applying polish, you are done; if not
12- Apply the base coat (transparent nail polish) wait for a minute or 2 and apply one coat of color, wait 3 minutes and apply second coat.  

13. Be greatful for privilege to give your Mistress pedicure


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