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Orally pleasing a Mistress can be one of the most complicated sexual maneuvers. Many slaves seem to think that slobbering on a vagina is sufficient and their is really no skill involved…that is far from the truth. This article will give techniques and maneuvers on how to properly give oral stimulation to your Superior Woman, and eventually bring HER to a orgasm. 1

Lets start off by getting familiar with the vagina and the sensitive spots. There are three parts that one should pay close mind to: Clitoris, Chode, and HER G-spote. The clitoris’s location is at the very top of HER vagina,about 1/4 of an inch bellow the top of HER vagina.(the top is the part closest to the belly button)this is the most stimulating part in a Woman’s vagina and when rubbed correctly, with your tongue, will lead to a powerful climax. A Woman’s chode is on the opposite side of the vagina. Its actually not even a part of the vagina but it helps with sexual stimulation. the chode is the skin between HER anus and the bottom tip of HER vagina. the chode, when rubbed correctly, will provide a soothing sensation and a helping factor to the orgasm.finally we have the g-spot. the g-spot is located in side HER vagina and is kind of tricky to locate.( i ll go over how to find it later) this vaginal part is the second key factor in obtaining HER orgasm.2

OK, orally stimulating your Superior Woman is all about angle and pressure. These two things when done together properly can be a deadly weapon in your arsenal. Lets start on the clitoris.Put your mouth over the top portion of HER vagina (top 2 inches)and start to probe around with your tonge in a left to right motion. Only use the tip of your tongue and use slight pressure. Your going to want to zero in on HER clitoris ball( what i like to call it). The ball kind of feels like a small pearl logged in THEIR upper vaginal area. you’ll know it once you feel it.

Once you locate the clitoris ball your going to want to concentrate on this area specifically. Stimulate it with the tip of your tongue back and forward up and down left to right(which ever direction suits HER). Make sure that you apply light pressure and quick strokes.4444

While your doing this(clitoris stimulation) rub HER chode with your thumb. If you want to get a little more tricky, then you can go for the g-spot. The g-spot is located inside the vagina. To locate it, your going to want to face HER forward(almost in the missionary position).Stick you index finger inside of HER and make sure that the tip of your finger is curled and pointing up( twords the ceiling). Start to rub the upper inside of HER vagina with your finger in this position. Your going to feel a smooshy patch of skin…that’s the g-spot. Start to rub HER g-spot quickly and see if she reacts to it. Most Woman do.6

If you can do all three of these things simultaneously then you are almost guaranteed to bring your Female Superior to a riveting orgasm.


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